The ultimate shooting app

Marksman Shooting Log is a logging app that helps spotters, shooters and archers improve performance over time by tracking their progress on over 30 different targets.

Use your iPad or iPhone to mark, save targets, and assess your progress.

Start shooting, spotting and keeping score on your iOS device with Marksman Shooting Log.

Targets available on iPad and iPhone

Sight In

Ideal for communication between spotter and shooter

  1. Sight In

Law Enforcement

Used by professionals and amateurs alike.

  1. B18
  2. B27
  3. D1


Keep track during competition. Marksman Shooting Log is used by professional silhouette shooters and spotters.

  1. Chicken
  2. Turkey
  3. Piggy
  4. Ram


Know when it’s time to adjust your pull and compensate for wind.

  1. Archery
  2. Field Archery


Track your skill no matter your sport.

  1. Biathlon
  2. A7
  3. A17 50 foot
  4. A23
  5. A25 100 yard
  6. A36 50 foot
  7. SR1 100 yard


Mark your shots on the most popular targets. Track your progress over time.

  1. B2 50 foot slow
  2. B3 50 foot rapid
  3. B4 20 yd slow fire
  4. B5 20 yd rapid fire
  5. B6 50 yd slow fire
  6. B8 25 yd rapid/timed
  7. 50 foot int'l slow fire
  8. B16 25 yd slow fire
  9. B17 50m free / 25m standard
  10. B19 25/50yd int'l slow fire
  11. B33 50 foot int'l center fire & standard
  12. B35 25yd int'l slow fire
  13. B37 25yd sport, center & rapid fire
  14. B39 50 foot sport / center & rapid fire